Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013

simple denim for Uni

Hey folks, seems like my "nugging" about the weather did something good - it's eventually sunny and bright (though cold) outside. 

Still I have some problems with my camera, which is not really working lately... I wonder why.

Best weather for my most favorite BOSS Orange Sweater from 3 years ago. 

Paired with a skinny Levi's and my Barbara Bui Boots, I really feel like exploring the outside's cold instead of being in the seminars. 

For 8 degrees outside, I took my vintage United Color of Benetton Coat, and my huge Diane von Fürstenberg Shopper to get everything I need with me.

I was positively surprised how different the Bui Boots work with different cutter jeans. 

What do you think?

Do you do something for Halloween tomorrow? 

I don't know when that holiday celebration came to Germany - people can buy everywhere orange, scary stuff, create awesome looking pastry and prepare oneself some Halloween Monster Outfits.

I may pass that hype with a cozy family evening reunion...

XX from Bochum,


  1. I loooove white turytlenecks! and you boots are amazing, love the color!

  2. lovely look and pics :)

  3. VERY PRETTY ! : )

  4. acht grad?? es ist ja schon ganz kalt in deutschland!!! stay warm!! :)
    danke für deine kommentare und besuche auf meinem blog – ich freu mich immer, was von deutschland zu lesen! xx

    coco |

  5. love this sweater! :*

  6. the color of those booties are beautiful!