何事も挑戦よ。Everything is a challenge.
That's one of the first sentences I learnt here at Sophia University as an exchange student. 
Japan has it's fascination - even after over nine years of language and culture studies. I like to keep on being impressed, amazed and even frightened by the different cultural behaviors and issues. It's quite a challenge to face as a 1,69 cm high, blonde German girl with Polish roots this Asian video game like world, where conservativeness and tradition clash with Mikey Mouse and Pokemon. 

Inspired by the stunning world of colors and seemingly madness of dressing up in Tokyo, I continue in this blog my thoughts about identity, narrative conception and fashion. Join me in this experiment.

Next coming up with travels, study - and work - lives, waiting for fabulous LONDON in October 2014. 
I really wonder what will happen until then!

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