Freitag, 8. November 2013

Projekt Tanzfestival: "638kg Tanz" #1 day

7.11.2013 - yesterday was an amazing beginning!

Rehearsals started early in the morning since a lot of thing were to do on the opening day. 

Luckily everything went smoothly. Later I will post some photos for better impressions-right now the preparations from today are to get done. 


My outfit consisted of:

Turquoise cardigan : second hand from Tokyos RAGTAG
Denim shirt: h&m
Grey jeggings: conley's
Boots: conley's 


That outfit is of:
Long caro shirt: boss orange
Thights: uniqlo

After all preparations were done, I switched my outfit to my all blue-style you know from here...

Xx from Essen


  1. Die Bluse ist super schön :)
    Ist ja toll, dass soweit alles gut geklappt hat!
    Folge dir jetzt auf bloglovin... Schau doch auch mal bei mir vorbei und folge, wenn du magst!

  2. nice blog! :D