Mittwoch, 6. November 2013

Projekt P: #3 day

The last day started brightly, sunny and with a welcoming blue sky. Checking out after a rather French than continental breakfast I discovered the cemetery "père lanchaise". 

Later I would notice the graves of e.g. Jim Morris and Oscar Wilde. Still - a beautiful, marked by time and the passed periods cemetery with giant "sépultures" and almost withered stones. 

It was a great place to enjoy sun and silence before I met my French friend Alexandre at the Bastille for a coffee before I headed back home. I was told, that this is quite a student hotspot for evening activities and vintage clothes. Next time I want to spend more time over there!

I choose definitely train or airplane for my next visit. The traffic jams near the Belgium boarder made me crazy..

Anyway looking forward for my next Paris trip. Hopefully soon. 


Military Jacket: Marc O'Polo (Vintage)

Babydoll dress: Japanese brand, bought second hand in Tokyo several years ago

Scarf: Burberry

Tights: Falke

Chelsea Boots: Marc O'Polo

Brooch: bought in Tokyo, second hand

Bag: Emma&Jade (Vintage)

XX from Bochum,

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  1. Great ourban chic look. I love your bag.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark