Montag, 11. November 2013

happy sunny Monday

... to celebrate a wonderful festival, I want you to show a colorful, casual denim style:

First day in Uni after a week and a lot of experiences inspired me on this sunny Monday.

FINALLY - my camera is working again and I can avoid Iphone-pictures... see below:

Facebook starting....

Hey my dear folks,

still some preparations are going for the festival and it seems like my normal life will continue from Wednesday on....

To update you anyway - Facebook will start for me soon....well... you may ask - why so late?
That is a good question I am going to answer you in a short while ;)

Stay keen and fashionable. See you tomorrow (or maybe soon on Facebook;) !

XX from Bochum,

Freitag, 8. November 2013

Projekt Tanzfestival: "638kg Tanz" #2 day

Grey dress-Marc O' Polo
Statement necklace-H&M
Earrings-small shop in Gran Canaria

8.11: Last Day in the location casa/box. Again - an amazing evening with breath taking contemporary dances, arguing about today's zeitgeist. 

Makeup fits. Hairstyle done. After the last catering details were finished, I swapped the dresses and enjoyed the after-break performances. 

Dress-Almatrichi Madrid 
Cardigan-osmosis Japan
Boots-vintage from a small shop in Tokyo 

-------""----- worse internet here. Seems like the last pictures will be uploaded later
Onwards :(

Stay keen and a nice Saturday until then !

Xx from


Projekt Tanzfestival: "638kg Tanz" #1 day

7.11.2013 - yesterday was an amazing beginning!

Rehearsals started early in the morning since a lot of thing were to do on the opening day. 

Luckily everything went smoothly. Later I will post some photos for better impressions-right now the preparations from today are to get done. 


Donnerstag, 7. November 2013

Projekt Tanzfestival: "638kg Tanz"

I really needed that Paris trip to take one last breath before the final preparations of that amazing contemporary dance festival in Essen (remember Essen? That cool city was "Kulturhauptstadt 2010" eng. Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010).

By chance I got the position of an assistant in that festival "638 Kilo Tanz und weitere Delikatessen", which is presented by the amazing choreographers Sabina Stücker and Jelena Ivanovic for the seventh time in a row.

It was the first time for me to look behind the preparations of festival organization - and it was simply amazing on how many things you work.

The festival will take place in Essen from 7.11-10.11.2013 in three different locations. If you are in the neighborhood and interested in experimental, contemporary dance - make sure to come by! 


It started on Monday: 4/11

Indeed, I met women of presence. Stayed with their usual sangfroid and guided the preparations with compulsion, whether it was about light, music and sound or the artistic performance atmosphere.

Feeling and breathing the performances of contemporary dance today, resembled what is an emanation of its time and place. The controversy we face in this age illuminated in flesh and bone. Quite sophisticated, don’t you think? 


Mittwoch, 6. November 2013

Projekt P: #3 day

The last day started brightly, sunny and with a welcoming blue sky. Checking out after a rather French than continental breakfast I discovered the cemetery "père lanchaise". 

Later I would notice the graves of e.g. Jim Morris and Oscar Wilde. Still - a beautiful, marked by time and the passed periods cemetery with giant "sépultures" and almost withered stones. 

It was a great place to enjoy sun and silence before I met my French friend Alexandre at the Bastille for a coffee before I headed back home. I was told, that this is quite a student hotspot for evening activities and vintage clothes. Next time I want to spend more time over there!

I choose definitely train or airplane for my next visit. The traffic jams near the Belgium boarder made me crazy..

Anyway looking forward for my next Paris trip. Hopefully soon. 


Military Jacket: Marc O'Polo (Vintage)

Babydoll dress: Japanese brand, bought second hand in Tokyo several years ago

Scarf: Burberry

Tights: Falke

Chelsea Boots: Marc O'Polo

Brooch: bought in Tokyo, second hand

Bag: Emma&Jade (Vintage)

XX from Bochum,

Dienstag, 5. November 2013

Projekt P: #2 day

It started as it ended the day before. My Benetton coat is still not fully dry yet but with my wanderlust packed in mind, the first real day in Paris began. 

One highlight was the sudden musical performance of four kitchen cooks and waiters in the "parc du Luxembourg". 

Enjoying some quick lunch on a bench, people started crowding around that little, green metal pavilion in which instrumental brass music was performed. 

Another highlight and recommendation for good modern cuisine was Tholoze in Monmatre. An enormous choice of wine and delicious, regional meals are for you waiting. 

Check that out next time you are in Paris!

Montag, 4. November 2013

Projekt P: #1 day

Friday - after 5 hours driving to one of my favorite cities in Europe, we finally reached the heart of Paris. 

Welcomed by heat rain I was luckily dressed in a long coat from Benetton, high top Sneakers and my Bleifrei Sweater, you know from last monday.

Windy and rainy, I was totally wet after walking around the beautiful orange illuminated Eiffel tower, that it ended up with totally wet feet. Unfortunately my last trip with those Buffalo Hight Top Sneakers.....

Jersey Jogging Trousers: BLEIFREI
Grey V-neck Angora Wool Sweater: BLEIFREI
High Top Sneakers: BUFFALO
Coat: United Colors of BENETTON (vintage)
Turquoise Bag: Emma&Jade (vintage)

(so dark and rainy, my camera was about to die....)

For a fantastic modern, french supper, I discovered "Chez Toinette" for myself. 13 tables, cozy warm atmosphere, awfully delicious wine and dishes made the rain misery go away and stressed the feeling of being in lovely Paris...

Freitag, 1. November 2013

Projekt P

# Where time passed most glamorously in the last decades...

# Where shows always played a huge role...

# Where fashion gave birth to numerous stars...

# Where breakfast traditionally consists of croissants and coffee...

Weekend trip to Paris. See you on Sunday with a lot to post and talk about.


Donnerstag, 31. Oktober 2013

grey and bright: Last Uni October Day

Last Day of October and I went by Chance shopping with my dear brother, 

who stopped by from his Uni place approx. 300 km away from our hometown.

It was fun going shopping with him and looking for some nice flannel shirts - he really likes that cloth. 

Wandering around the city, I noticed the everyday-look from my hometowns people. 

It's rather simple and practical than experimental or funny.

What do you think of the everyday-style in your neighborhood? 

Last October Uni Style:

Cardigan: Marc Jacobs
Shirt: DKNY
Leggings: Zara
Boots: Clarks

Jewelry: my obligatory Buddhist protector bracelets from Japan and Malaysia and the necklace is secondhand from Tokyo's RAGTAG

Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013

simple denim for Uni

Hey folks, seems like my "nugging" about the weather did something good - it's eventually sunny and bright (though cold) outside. 

Still I have some problems with my camera, which is not really working lately... I wonder why.

Best weather for my most favorite BOSS Orange Sweater from 3 years ago. 

Paired with a skinny Levi's and my Barbara Bui Boots, I really feel like exploring the outside's cold instead of being in the seminars. 

For 8 degrees outside, I took my vintage United Color of Benetton Coat, and my huge Diane von Fürstenberg Shopper to get everything I need with me.

I was positively surprised how different the Bui Boots work with different cutter jeans. 

What do you think?

Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013

simple denim for work

Hey everybody - what does your weather look like ?

Fall finally made his entrance and I kissed my light, summer clothes good bye for the upcoming time. I can't remember when I wore my jeans the last time...

But - lucky me - my Barbara Bui boots from last, last FW collection fit perfectly fine into this season color's code.... look at this color:

Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

grey and stormy: start the new week

Hey folks,
heard the new about the strong storms at the Atlantic coast in France and Great Britain. Back in here in Bochum, the deep West of North-Rhein Westfalia in Germany, we enjoy simple whistling blows of gusts without fearing bigger squalls.

Looking forward for Uni in the next half an hour,

prepared for the Business Law with a grey sweater from BLEIFREI, earings from Swarovski, golden bracelets by F21, my lucky charms from Malaysia and Japan, and the fabulous Lotus-Coloured reddish nail polish by Chanel.

Combined with brown boots (Clarks), red tights (Kunert) and and orange shorts (Uniqlo) I am ready to start into the new week.

How do you start your very last October week of the year ?

Freitag, 27. September 2013

Come back

Long time no read. Back from Australia and from Tokyo, half a year passed back in Germany's Ruhrgebiet. Reddish and yellow coloured leaves, fresh breezes and a lot more changes passed me.

What's left keeps coming around, knocking on one's door, asking politely for a re-entry. Sometimes people talk about second chances. Why not about second changes? About redefinition? The things they have been wrong about?

Let's welcome interesting new periods of curiosity, lust and questions. We don't need spring for that.

Cheers and read you soon 

Downtown at Essen's UNPERFEKTHAUS, enjoying vegan dishes, an Indian raji chai and the best sunrays I can get after a long workday.

Montag, 11. März 2013

Leopard Tights x1

Tokyo really surprises me with that sudden change to spring. Looking back to my home tome in Western Germany, still beating degrees around 10, I feel stunned once again by this planet.

Cannot believe that with sitting in a plane for a little over 9 hours tomorrow, will bring me to summer in Australia.

How does your weather look like?

Samstag, 9. März 2013

Freitag, 8. März 2013

Pastel Green

If you post "green in fashion" into Google, you will receive around 1.580.000.000 scores. 

Reading about different brands launching campaigns and 
collection for a more environmental-friendly reasons.
Or health and ethical concerns. 

Amusing to see Berlin Fashion Week with the "Eco Fashion week" likewise on the top site of my google search.

Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

Stripe Shorts x3

 Patterns and Stripes do not go along well?

I thought so at first, but was really surprised seeing that I fell in love instantly with that black based pattern and stripes clothes. 

Overall is black a pretty thankful and giving "color". One may argue, that black is no color, but the result of fully light absorption.

Basically the absence of color.

In 1982, launching Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo outside of Japan in Paris, their style in layering and especially black is described as turning point:

"At the heart of this nothingness was the color black. Black, at the time, was a subversive choice. It was the color of mourning, of subcultural rebellion, of emotional dissonance, of artistic distemper. It was the essence of the avant-garde." (read further here: Voguepedia)

Why do you choose black?

Dienstag, 5. März 2013

Stripe Shorts x2

And here we go for another stripe short outfit - spring is finally approaching. With temperatures around 20 degrees (according to the weather forecasts) and even more sun it enlightens one's soul. 

One post earlier I kind of declared my fascination for this freedom of choice we have in expressing ourselves with clothes, shoes and accessories. I am still wondering, when in the fashion world this time  started. 

Do you have any guesses?

Montag, 4. März 2013

Stripe Shorts x1

You may remember those stripe shorts from here. I thought of them with a lot of fun..

It may be my playful character, but I love to experiment and take seriousness out of outfits. Sure, I still like those elegant, clean chic styles. For me it is just amazing how easily we can adapt ourselves to one style and choose another direction in a few steps. 

Having no boundaries (but budget I guess) and being able to purchase almost everything, is one kind of freedom I am not about to give up. 

Pretty thankful for that revolutionary fashion empire unlike the e.g. 80s, as everything you could buy were a few type of pants, shirts and colours.

Samstag, 2. März 2013

stripes surely like color

You may have realized, that I skipped a day.

Well.. yesterday was such a heavy storm in Tokyo I did not feel like going out, neither was there time for a spring outfit... But, patience was rewarded.

Today seemed to be one of these beautiful warm early spring days, with sun all over the place. Inspired me for something orange and b/w. Though I might have catch a cold after being surprised by heavy rain yesterday..

Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

Stripes. Shorts.

Got these lovely shorts on a shopping day in Shibuya.

Thats the first outfit I am going to wear, as soon as I go clubbing this year. The materials are feverish light, which makes moving to appear, as if you wear nothing.

Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013

Color me GREEN

Oh my lord. That was so much fun. I simple adore colours. And above all, I adore green.

Though truth is, I kinda felt like Green Lantern, one of the several comic action heroes of DC Comics. He was definitely not my favourite one in childhood days. 

My heart beat other than well-known DC Comics hero Batman, for Marvel Comics, "Silver Surfer" (kind of an Anti-Hero tough) and "Iron Man". 

It surprisingly made me pretty happy seeing my favorite childhood heroes on screen nowadays.

See below for the color flash! 

Samstag, 23. Februar 2013

It is a (monochrome) Beanie Story

I was wondering: why is the Beanie suddenly so popular?

P-S-P: Playful Spring Purchase

I found something.
Something that made me chuckle when I tried in on in that shop in Harajuku.
That made me chuckle that much, i just had to have it. And here it goes.

What do you create with those?

You start playing and taking the seriousness of dressing up.

Jump below...

Freitag, 22. Februar 2013

Color me RED

Red Red Red.

Red Riding Hood. "pur pur"'s kings and queens. Blood. Roses. Cinderella. Valentino. Red Lace. Love. Hate. Force. Poland. Christmas. Chanel Lipstick. Energy. Rolling Stones. Apple. Strawberries. Japan. Orient Sun. Wine. Ruby. Mars. Fire. Santa Clause. Coca Cola. Itsukushima. Japanese Shrine Entrances. Ducati. Ferrari. Communism. Pommes d'amour. Candy. 

What are your associations of red?

Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2013

Winter-Spring-Gap part 3

Going out for Shibuya, of course, weather is still not playing it's part well.

Rain. Rain. Rain.

Ah! And clouds.

Though umbrellas are pretty handy, and really everywhere in Tokyo sold in every shape, size, color you can imagine. As soon as it starts raining.

I felt too lazy though and made myself up for a fashionable "hat" instead.

This style may resemble Winter-Spring-Gap part 1 but this one has quite a pretty color-flash-moment, thanks to orange.

What do you think? Click below for more details!

Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013

Black x Blue pt.1

What shall I do?
Sometimes I hate choice.

Choice is not only about freedom. 
But choice is as well about making a decision.
About sticking to something you decided for your future, for a part of you and your surrounding you don't know yet. 

It can be banal things, like this post aim: what kind of Outfit do I choose to welcome my boyfriend here in.

And in the end, the accumulation of all these choices we made, the choices we regretted, the choices we did not make - all of them makes who we are, who we were and sets the frame of who we are going to be.

Tough, isn't it?

first  and second outfit