Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013

simple denim for work

Hey everybody - what does your weather look like ?

Fall finally made his entrance and I kissed my light, summer clothes good bye for the upcoming time. I can't remember when I wore my jeans the last time...

But - lucky me - my Barbara Bui boots from last, last FW collection fit perfectly fine into this season color's code.... look at this color:

Amazing color - don't you think?

Tuesday is my workday. There is no Business Black Tie or Business Casual requested at work, 

which makes me experiment more or less. 

With an unexpected work lunch with several fellows of our suppliers, I enjoyed the best home-made Pasta in Bochum: Osteria al Vecchio Torchio with Truffels and grilled fish. 

Make sure to stop by - in case you visit the Ruhrgebiet and end up in the part of Bochum.


And that's how simple denim made me feel comfortable and work-appropriate likewise:

#Handmade Cardigan by my granny

#Silk Shirt by Marc 'O Polo Campus (Summer '13)

#Denim Jeans Boot Cut by Diesel

#Vintage Barbara Bui Boots in bordeaux

#my bracelet protectors form Malaysia and Japan and Platin/Gold Ring for my 18th birthday

Do you wear make-up to work?
I had no time today to put something on, but I don't feel uncomfortable without either.

XX from Bochum,


  1. lovely outfit,the weather where i live its sunny then rains its just confusing !!

  2. I think you look beautiful without no make up on ;)

    Mónica <3

  3. Your top is so lovely!
    And the foods look tempting :-9

    Stefany from Taste of My Life

  4. Welcome, dear!! The boots are amazing!! And I usually wear a little make up to work!!!

  5. I really like that shirt! xx