Montag, 11. Februar 2013

Calvin Klein "Provocations", featuring Alexander Skarsgard - sexy selfassuredness?!

When I first saw the Calvin Klein promotion in a fashion magazine, I wondered how provocative this one could be. Seeing that Alexander Skarsgard, a Swedish actor and American "Liebling", famous for the vampire series trueblood or the indie movie Melancholia, was featured in the campaign called "Provocations", it made me look at the Youtube Chanel for the 9:55 minutes long advertisement immediately.

Link for the video

This explosive,energetic, sexy and obviously provocating video is a mere artful way of presenting brands (Clavin Klein Collection, ck Calvin Klein, Clavin Klein Jeans) and their identity. It felt like a collection of shades, playing with fire, explosions, different surfaces, water, reflections, darkness-light contrasts, sculptural backgrounds and diverse speediness.

It made me watch the video more than three times.

Without showing much skin, you can feel the vibrations, the intensity and the different identities of Calvin Klein.

No order is given in "Provocations" and the parts one and eleven are missing - did you notice?
Each part dedicated to one of the brands, each part underlined by instrumental music, it either makes you feel wanted, urban, provocative, sexy or luxurious.

Still this artful video by Fabien Baron, focuses overall on the spring's new shoes, sunglasses, bags, Jeans, dresses and suits. Especially the way Suvi Koponen (a Finish model btw. and the face of the current CHLOÉ perfume) and Alexander Skarsgard are stressing the white dress in part "XIV. reverence in worship" makes me want it.

Though Calvin Klein himself pushed American conservative perspectives with different advertisements in the past (let me remind you of 15 year old Brooke Shields in 1980 under the label to wear nothing under her Calvins, or Kate Moss with Marky Marks in 1992 pushing the buttons for the upcoming awareness of AIDS, having the label of "the best protection against AIDS is to keep your Calvins on"), Fabien Baron did a great job on this campaign video.

Without simply repeating Klein's provocations, I got the image of America (especially with non-native Americans featured), intensity, wanting and sexiness. With so many creative aspects in music, artwork in the presented order of parts and even leaving parts unshown, I am left with a huge impression and more interest in Calvin Klein. 

How did you feel?

two citations of Klein, source:

1973: It's all in understanding who your customer is, her lifestyle and needs and filling those needs, not fantasizing. I believe in classic clothes not the faddishness that looks right this season and is dead the next." to New York Post

1977: “The clothes I do are always a balance between the way I want to see women dressed and the way they want to dress. . . . Lifestyle is a word that’s been overused, but that’s really what it’s all about. Simplicity is how it has to be. When Iget dressed, I want it to be easy and fast—because who has the time?” to Vouge

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