Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

Colorful Basics Set 4/6

After the pink-black-intermezzo I thought of another outfit for the 6 days!

A great friend of mine (her name is Claudia, we both adore fashion and I love how our styles and identities vary sometimes drastically, but can be alike so much) saw these pictures first and encouraged this yellow combination. Truth is, I love that summer-like feeling, especially with blonde hair and orange lips. It makes me dream of heat, the smell of sun tanned skin, ice-cream and water melons. 

Can not wait for more sun!!

With the basic list, find out below how good light colors work!

# Fourth Outfit #

Yellow shiny Shirt (a similiar one to mine)
Turquoise Shirt
C Black short cut Moto Jacket
D Collarless nude Tweet Jacket
E Blue Schößchen Shirt
F Coral Chiffon long Skirt
(purchased at Forever21)

G Jeans (for the colder or rainy days; in this case a Levi's)
H Menthe Green Cardigan 

I chose # A+ F #


The necklace and bracelets are from F21, as are the orange high heels. 
Due to the soft cloths and Chiffon texture, it feels so light on the skin as if I would wear nothing. 

I was thinking of a bag, but dropped it soon. Going out in that outfit I rather have my huge purse with me, instead of a bag to keep the outfit light and shiny in yellow/orange. Just the sun needs to start shining!

Tell me your thoughts 


  1. Thanksfor sharing...Great Outfit & so lovely blend of colours...a Painter create an artwork while You create a nice Outfit that You wear...the Best!


  2. lovely colors and I love the skirt so much! I like your blog so much, what about following each other?

    xx The Milano Mode

  3. Love this look and this colours! Xoxo

  4. Hello there in the so far Japan, nice to read Your opinion and also that my illustrations made You smile!
    That's lovely...Thank You