Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

FW 2013 runway show of Marc by Marc Jacobs

So far for globalisation. Sitting in Tokyo as a German watching online stream of the fw2013 Marc by Marc Jacobs show in New York. I love Internet.

"We got that attitude" 
"Don't care what they may do"

 The closing beats with the models finishing the runway states a clear message -

 Be yourself. Be authentic. 

I was surprised with the sudden changes in music styles. While everyone was waiting and be surrounded by electro beats, the light went out and we were faced with rock. Not hard rock, neither the rock sounds of BonJovie or Aerosmith. 

It sounded like the rock of the 50s. And that sure went along well with the hairstyle.

Colors from blue over violet to red - that show made me think shortly of wanting autumn right now.

Especially the more daring looks, without revealing much skin, impressed me pretty well. 

Violet and red? Yes! 

Fully covered red look from bag to shoes to dress? Yes ! 

Rocking but very soon-to-be-grown-up with patterns and soft earth like colors? Yes!

It is a great collection without revealing much - just how it feels like when you grow up and your mum looks after your not do deep cleavage. To me, it is a collection of adolescence and growing up. I enjoyed the humor in the changing music styles, bringing you back to your own adolescence (if it can already reach that far ;)

If you want more pictures, look at twitter or instagram with the hashtag #marcjacobslive.

There is another upcoming live show of the MARC JACOBS runway show FW 2013. 
Visit this webpage this upcoming thursday at 7:30 pm EST.

Did you manage to see some pictures or the live stream? What do you think?

All pictures are screenshots taken by me, though everything is owned by Marc Jacobs.
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