Montag, 11. Februar 2013

Colorful Basics Set 1/6

#Great day in Shibuya

Inspired by all the nice blogs and pictures I recently got interested in, I spend my first day at the American fashion company "Forever21". I was shocked as I realized I spent over 3 hours on the 5 floor shop in Shibuya!Still, with a rather low budget but unquenchable hunger for trendy fashion, Forever21 is quite a nice backup plan. 

Starting from today you will find a Set out of 8 basic pieces to get dressed fashionably for 6 days. 

++See below for more

Your Basics:

*Yellow shiny Shirt (a similiar one to mine)
*Turquoise Shirt
*Black short cut Moto Jacket
*Collarless nude Tweet Jacket
*Blue Schößchen Shirt
*Coral Chiffon long Skirt
(purchased at Forever21)

*Jeans (for the colder or rainy days)*Menthe Green Cardigan

Everything else of accessories depends on your individual style. In my case, whatever I have  brought from Germany to my Tokyo Apartment :)

# First Outfit #

  • Coral Chiffon long Skirt
  • Black short cut Moto Jacket
  • Turquoise Shirt

Everything purchased at F21.

 The bag is from the Japanese brand "Heaven".

 The necklace is vintage (and pretty heavy) - I purchased it at RAGTAG in Shibuya. Whenever you may visit Tokyo, make sure to have a look at RAGTAG. Designer brands (Western and Eastern) vintage second-hand pieces are well repaired, cleaned and sold there.

Black suede pumps by Diana. One of the few shoes I found in my size...What is pretty average in Europe, is over-oversized in Japan ( my size is 9 / 39).

What do you think?

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  1. look molto carino!
    se ti va passa a trovarmi:

  2. that necklace is great :)
    visit our blog if you like:

    1. Thanks :) I am a huge fan of vitntage pieces - the more extravagant the better

  3. Ich mag deinen Blog :) Mach weiter so! Wie kommts, dass du in Tokyo bist? LG

    1. Danke schön :) Ich freue mich schon dich bald hier wieder zu sehen ;)
      Momentan noch zu den letzten Wochen von meinem Auslandssemester - ging leider viel zu schnell rum!

  4. love that skirt!